The Intent Behind “Crystal Moon”

Crystal Moon is the first book I published that isn't a part of the running series Goandria.  Crystal Moon is something that has a lot of meaning to me.  It is inspired by real people, real events, and real lessons in an Urban Fantasy setting. A few years ago, I read Dracula and was intrigued by... Continue Reading →

A Nerd Not into Anime

Do you consider yourself a part of nerd culture, but don’t have an avid interest in Anime or Manga?  I’m talking to those who by all accounts are nerds.  You enjoy D&D, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, etc. but you cannot get swept up in the Anime craze that has... Continue Reading →

Goandria: The Schism

Goandria lies under the cruel rule of worlox demons. Emerging from an unknown realm, they claim large swaths of the northern territories for their own.  The wizards, blessed with power from Voshnore, continue their fight against them with little success. Pushed back to the south,  generation to generation, year by year, they labor in vain.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: ‘salem’s Lot

Enjoying werewolf and vampire lore can be hard when most books and movies that center around these creatures aren’t very good.  If you enjoy sappy love-triangles or gratuitous sex and violence this may not be the case for you.  However, if you want substance and plot instead of just shock then your pickings can be... Continue Reading →

Meet the People of Goandria: Ferrorians

Periodically I will give brief and basic descriptions of the races that populate the fantasy world of Goandria, the novel series I wrote. Ferrorians- A diminutive people that were enslaved to the worlox during the demons' reign.  They now reside in an underground city called Untervel.  These creatures average about one to three feet tall... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind “The Cursed Forest”

I am interested in the mysterious, strange, and unexplained.  As I have explained before, discussing the paranormal is important.  I don’t think everyone has to become a believer but listening to those who believe they experienced something otherworldly is important, belief then becomes irrelevant. The Cursed Forest takes place in Freetown State Forest in Massachusetts.... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Writing

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, I wanted to become a writer since I was twelve years old.  The journey to becoming one, like any area in life, had its twists and turns, and for a while I even deviated from the course. Throughout my life I was told things like, “You cannot... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind “Goandria”

The magical, mystical, and strange has fascinated me as long as I can remember.  When I was a kid I became swept up into two stories, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.  Admittedly, I spent an embarrassing amount of time watching the SyFy channel (then spelled Sci-Fi).  It comes easy for me to... Continue Reading →

Do You Fear Writing?

When I have met people, who learn that I’m a writer, many of them reply with a sense of awe and then say something like, “I like to write but it’s not good enough for people to read it.” I’ve been surprised by the amount of people I’ve come across online and in person who... Continue Reading →

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