If you live in a first world nation, you probably have a life the rest of the world would envy.  Sure, there are hardships, we lose loved ones, our jobs may not be fulfilling, and so on, but generally speaking those of us in such countries live blessed lives.  With bounty comes complacency and eventually... Continue Reading →

I Hope Everyone Had a Happy 4th!

I hope my fellow Americans were able to recognize and appreciate the liberties we share yesterday.  We live in a time of revisionist history and all historical figures are controversial, and there is a deep political divide in the country.  However, I hope we can all take a moment to be grateful nonetheless. The founding... Continue Reading →


In America we are blessed.  We have a constitution that protects us and our rights.  We live in a place with bountiful clean water and food to eat.  Yes, there are poor folks, my wife and I were a part of that category for several years.  America isn’t perfect, no place ever will be, but... Continue Reading →

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