The Unexplained: Hoia-Baciu Forest

Happy Halloween everyone!  I couldn't let the day pass without another installment of "The Unexplained." You heard the mysterious tales but being a hardened skeptic yourself you ignore the warning and venture into Hoia-Baciu Forest at night.  At first all you see are trees and starlight.  These beautiful, yet mundane sights reassure your skepticism as... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Ghostly Photos

We’ve all seen them, pictures of a supposedly real spiritual entity.  Most people dismiss them as nothing more than creative fakes.  In some cases his has been proven to be true, but not all.  Skepticism of pictures is at an all time high in modern times due to the prevalence of photo editing software and... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Robert the Doll

There is something unnerving about dolls.  Their life-like yet fake appearance unsettles many who look upon them, making them wonder how children could play with them.  It doesn’t take much for the imagination to see them taking on a life of their own.  Supposedly, there are such objects in the world.  Some claim there are... Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Paranormal Story to Share?

Have you experienced the supernatural/paranormal in any capacity?  Have you been wanting to share your story, but haven’t out of fear of being seen as crazy? I want to give you a voice.  If you have a story to tell, write me at or comment below.  I’m considering writing The Unexplained book.  I also want to... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: The Three Kings Ritual

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. Are urban legends and myths based in reality?  Some believe that is the case.  With the advent of the internet, such stories spread faster than ever.  There are plenty of wild internet challenges that have cropped up over the years. ... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind “The Cursed Forest”

I am interested in the mysterious, strange, and unexplained.  As I have explained before, discussing the paranormal is important.  I don’t think everyone has to become a believer but listening to those who believe they experienced something otherworldly is important, belief then becomes irrelevant. The Cursed Forest takes place in Freetown State Forest in Massachusetts.... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Skinwalkers

For the first time in years you get to go on vacation, unaware it will be one you'll never forget.  You and your uncle decide to take a trip to rural Utah to hunt, fish, and camp.  Just two guys doing what they love best in nature.  When you arrive at your destination it is... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Black Dogs

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. You decide to spend the evening sitting on the porch of your country home, sipping a beer as the sun goes down.  It had been a long day at work, and you find nothing more relaxing than watching the sun... Continue Reading →

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