A Time and a Place to Judge

No one wants to be judged.  There are few absolute statements that are true, and that is one of them.  It is our nature to want to be seen and heard as people, not viewed through the lens of our mistakes or differences.  We all know mistakes and bad things are a part of the... Continue Reading →

No, You’re Not Perfect and that’s Okay

In a world where self-love is considered one of the greatest virtues, and self-esteem is one of the most focused on aspects of life, it can be difficult to swallow the next statement.  No, you are not perfect the way you are, and that’s okay! It has become a meme, and a popular saying for... Continue Reading →

More Emotional than Rational

In our era of skepticism, cold, unadulterated rationality is often valued.  Science has lifted the curtain on certain superstitions and wives’ tales.  Most people in the modern western world strive to be rational, and scientific. We don’t want to be like our ancestors that believed diseases were cause by curses.  Most of the time we... Continue Reading →

Annoyingly Argumentative

Being an observational person, it didn’t take long for me to see hat many folks speak with great authority on matters they know nothing (or very little) about.  In the age when virtually all of human knowledge is a few seconds away, I believe many of us have grown arrogant.  It is an easy trap... Continue Reading →

Not Equipped for Truth?

I have written a few blogs on the anger, division, and susceptibility we have as a culture to being offended.  Recently I had a thought that some people are not equipped to understand or know truth.  Am I saying not everyone is smart enough to get to the truth?  No.  I think it is highly... Continue Reading →

Forests: The Realms of Inspiration

Forests have captivated the imagination since the dawn of humanity.  On one hand it seems rather strange, after all a forest is merely a large grouping of trees.  Sure, there are animals, vines, smaller plants, and sometimes bugs that will send most people screaming.  Yet there is something more than mere trees and animals when... Continue Reading →

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