Ideas: The Sequel

I think it’s worth revisiting the topic of ideas.  There are several out there floating around that are purely emotional and not logical once any time is spent thinking about them.  Yet, there are many who passionately adhere to them.  I find that fascinating.  To me it proves that humans aren’t always rational.  We often... Continue Reading →

Personal Beliefs in Writing

How much of our beliefs should we put in the books we write?  Like most things when it comes to creative writing it depends largely on the intent.  Sometimes being rather blunt with a message is effective.  However, subtlety is largely more effective.  People don’t like to be beaten over the head with ideology, even... Continue Reading →

What is a Man?

Any Castlevania fan will recognize the title.  Since masculinity and manhood are discussed a lot in American culture lately, I found it to be a fitting title.  There seems to be several ideas of what men are, what they are supposed to be and what they do. Some may say that men are only just... Continue Reading →

Disagreement! Run Away!

I can’t say for sure when it started, but to me it appears to be recent.  Social media no doubt plays a huge role and many people are on it in some form or another.  Over the last couple of years it appears to be worse.  What is “it?” The fear of people holding differing... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge Me!

No one wants to be judged.  There are few absolute statements that are true, and that is one of them.  It is our nature to want to be seen and heard as people, not viewed through the lens of our mistakes or differences.  We all know mistakes and bad things are a part of the... Continue Reading →

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