Why I Chose to be an Indie Author

When one does an online search of “indie author” or “self-published author,” he or she will get a slew of opinions.  Some are favorable, and some are not as favorable.  It seems the most common unfavorable views come from authors who are already published through a traditional service. I can understand from the perspective of... Continue Reading →

Is Self-Publishing the Future?

I touched on this a little in my earlier post about whether traditional publishers are still relevant.  Just like in the world of video games and film, the big publishers still hold a lot of power despite a large influx of independent sources. Despite being an indie author, I do appreciate the traditional route.  It... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Independent Publishing

The world of publishing is changing.  More people are becoming authors and writers by publishing things themselves instead of going through the arduous process of traditional publishing.  People like that they can have control over their own stories and continue to own the rights.  It is also a big plus that you can get a... Continue Reading →

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