Are You A Real Writer?

Writers may seem vain, but many of us struggle with self-doubt.  We ask ourselves “Are we really writers?” regularly.  This is particularly true of independent authors, or traditionally published authors who struggle to find their audience. Being a writer simply means writing regularly.  If you strive to be a writer and write daily, then you... Continue Reading →

Looking for Inspiration

This is a reblog from 2015. I can say honestly that I write everyday, whether I’m in the mood to or not, because moods are fleeting things that can change quickly.  However, I the real challenge is finding the right inspiration. For me, being inspired and finding inspiration are very different things.  All too often... Continue Reading →

What Inspired You to Write?

*This is a repost When posed with this question, I internally stammer, my mind races, and I feel like a bit of a fool.  Such a question should be easy enough to answer right?  I mean, after all, I am a writer, and explaining to someone else why I write should be one of the... Continue Reading →

Forests: The Realms of Inspiration

Forests have captivated the imagination since the dawn of humanity.  On one hand it seems rather strange, after all a forest is merely a large grouping of trees.  Sure, there are animals, vines, smaller plants, and sometimes bugs that will send most people screaming.  Yet there is something more than mere trees and animals when... Continue Reading →

My Ironic Truth

Part of being a writer is reading.  That is painfully obvious.  Reading gives an author the tools necessary to equip him or her to do the job.  That said, I find it difficult to find things to read regularly that I enjoy because I’m pretty picky. I can spend quite a while reading reviews and... Continue Reading →

Autumn Inspiration 2

It's my favorite time of year, and I wanted to share more pictures from my walks.  I find the colors of this time of year to be more than inspirational, but almost magical.  Enjoy!  

Autumn Inspiration

One of the things that inspires my writings the most is getting out in nature.  Especially in the Autumn.  Here are a few pictures I have taken from my daily walks.

Another type of rare love

It is often said that true love is rare.  Many people find romantic love, but making it last is difficult, especially to one person for the rest of our lives.  In a culture where changing relationships is common practice, this is especially true.  However, I hardly see posts, songs, or television shows about other types... Continue Reading →

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