Changes are Coming!

For the month of October I've decided to redirect my writing focus to other projects, instead of this blog.  I will still continue "The Unexplained" series weekly.  However, things like social commentary, thoughts on writing and life will be on hiatus.  Since "The Unexplained" fits so well into this month and it's my favorite blogs... Continue Reading →

The Thing About Assumptions…

We are all guilty of it.  Most of the time we are unaware of the snap judgements we make about people and our settings.  While judgement has an often-negative connotation, most judgements are benign such as which clothes we wear, and the best way to start our day.  Others however, are more impactful and can... Continue Reading →

On Drama

Drama.  It’s something everyone who went to public High School is familiar with.  It isn’t a fond memory for people, but it certainly is a relatable topic.  Perhaps this is why High School-esque drama is often prevalent in young adult books and television.  Drama is compelling (even if we don’t want to admit it) and... Continue Reading →

Growth Through Change

What is one of the best ways to grow?  Try new things.  Do you want to be better at writing?  Try a new genre, story-length, or style.  People love comfort.  We know intellectually that going beyond our comfort zone is necessary to grow, but we often don’t process that knowledge emotionally. If you are like... Continue Reading →

If I Could Go Back…

Sometimes people start their sentences like this, usually within the context of an apology.  We sometimes wish we could undo an action.  Yet, we often forget that our behavior is deeply ingrained in us.  Would we really be that different if given another chance?  Maybe.  Perhaps in that one moment we could, but would we... Continue Reading →

The Devil Anxiety

My point with this post isn’t to garner sympathy or paint myself as a victim, but to let others who are struggling they are not alone.  Hopefully this will offer light to the darkness for those who are having difficulty with anxiety. I am a shy, introverted person who has social anxiety.  I obsessively go... Continue Reading →

Pessimism, Optimism, or Neither?

We are told to think positively, that looking at only the negative is pessimistic and unhealthy.  Pessimism is looking at only the negative while Optimism is the opposite, looking at only the good or positive, believing only the best will happen. What if neither are good options?  Believing the worst will happen is more obviously... Continue Reading →

Not All Opinions Are Respectable

They say opinions are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.  Opinions are sometimes good, sometimes bad.  This also means sometimes they are true and other times they’re false.  Then there are those that are downright absurd or offensive. One opinion is that the world is flat.  This is something a small group of people have deluded... Continue Reading →

Musings on Characterization

Sometime ago, I heard powerful testimonies from a few people who endured several hardships.  It got me thinking about characterization in fiction.  We as reader’s demand that the characters grow and change over the course of a story.  That’s what makes characters relatable and intriguing. On the other hand, we have all known people who... Continue Reading →

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