Harry Potter isn’t a Problem

Is Harry Potter the problem?  Recently there has been an upsurge in the Christian community over Harry Potter when a Catholic school banned the books.  I am a Christian and so I’ve become familiar with my faith’s condemnation of not just Harry Potter but the fantasy genre as a whole. Yes, I’m familiar with the... Continue Reading →

Not All Opinions Are Respectable

They say opinions are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.  Opinions are sometimes good, sometimes bad.  This also means sometimes they are true and other times they’re false.  Then there are those that are downright absurd or offensive. One opinion is that the world is flat.  This is something a small group of people have deluded... Continue Reading →

Logic and Speculative Fiction

Logic on the surface is not something that should be applied to speculative fiction.  After all genres like fantasy incorporate magic and monsters, things that obviously do not exist.  In science fiction lasers are visible and can be shot like bullets from guns.  Space battles have noise and aliens are strangely all humanoid in appearance... Continue Reading →

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