Harry Potter isn’t a Problem

Is Harry Potter the problem?  Recently there has been an upsurge in the Christian community over Harry Potter when a Catholic school banned the books.  I am a Christian and so I’ve become familiar with my faith’s condemnation of not just Harry Potter but the fantasy genre as a whole. Yes, I’m familiar with the... Continue Reading →

The Magic of Goandria

The next several blog entries will be snippets of information about a race, order, or area in the world of Goandria. In the world of Goandria, where the worlox demons have choked out the light for generations, there is only one group that can stand between the demons and the people: the wizards.  The wizards... Continue Reading →

Looking for Reviewers

If anyone is interested and enjoys the fantasy genre, I'm looking for people to review my books.  If this is something that interests you, let me know.  You can learn more about my books here, so you have a better idea of what they are about.

What is magic?

Magic is defined differently of course depending on the story.  Typically, magic itself isn’t usually defined or explained.  The limitations and abilities of magic is explored in most fantasy, but the magic itself is typically more mysterious.  This is a generalization, but it is something I have observed on average. I want to pose the... Continue Reading →

The lack of fantasy films

As a writer, obviously I'm a huge fan of books.  I love that books are able to flush out a plot and the characters better than most movies because they aren't confined to a certain length.  In saying that, I argue that films are just as important as books to the genre, and frankly there... Continue Reading →

Fantasy isn’t about escaping reality

Speculative fiction has earned the reputation for being an escape from the harsh reality us adults face every day. Undoubtedly some movies, novels, and TV shows serve the purpose of mindless entertainment. We all have read a book or watched at movie on Netflix and asked ourselves, “Why was this even made? What is the... Continue Reading →

Why I Write Fantasy

This is something I alluded to in past blog posts, but not a topic I delved very far into. Of all the genres to choose from, why Fantasy? I happen to enjoy several different genres, especially speculative fiction, but for me, Fantasy is special.  In celebration of my newest release I would like to share... Continue Reading →


So there have been some delays in the publishing process with Goandria: Visions of War.  My publisher has a lot on her plate, and we want the book to be the best it possibly can be so it will most likely not come out until January or February.  In the meantime I am working on... Continue Reading →


A creature advances towards his prey, his sharp, black claws dripping with poison. The man and woman stare up, wide-eyed, as it advances upon them, knowing there is no way out. Their fate is sealed. Such a scene invokes the imagination, and the human imagination is where fantasy thrives. One of the greatest things about... Continue Reading →

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