Male Emotions

It is a cliché that boys are told they cannot cry. Yes, it is less socially acceptable for men and boys to weep hysterically in public than it is for the opposite sex.  In recent years there has been more of a push to let boys cry and to not shame us males for having... Continue Reading →

More Emotional than Rational

In our era of skepticism, cold, unadulterated rationality is often valued.  Science has lifted the curtain on certain superstitions and wives’ tales.  Most people in the modern western world strive to be rational, and scientific. We don’t want to be like our ancestors that believed diseases were cause by curses.  Most of the time we... Continue Reading →

More on Bullying

I wrote a piece a little while ago outlying some of my thoughts on bullying from the perspective of one who experienced it for ten years.  For that reason, this is a topic I’m passionate about and I feel deserves several conversations.  There appears to be a bigger push in recent years to address the... Continue Reading →

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