Do We Moralize Our Interests?

I’ve written about morality before because it plays an integral part in crafting plots.  Who are good characters?  Who are the evil ones?  Why are they evil/good?  What constitutes as good or evil?  These are basic questions the writer must sort out.  While doing this I came to understand that we often moralize our interests... Continue Reading →

Twitter and Morals

In recent years there appears to be a great fear of angering the giant known as Twitter.  This giant can either be your greatest ally or a destructive force in your live by sending total strangers after you.  Have you blogged about something that might be controversial?  Is there a popular news story?  Twitter will... Continue Reading →

Exploring “Good”

Good verses evil is the common conflict in fantasy.  There is a good reason for that, it allows for the stakes to be high.  Good verses evil is also a conflict we can relate to in many small-scale ways in life.  Before I have written about evil and if we would recognize it.  This time... Continue Reading →

On Liberty

Liberty is something considered an American value.  There has been debate throughout the country’s existence on how much liberty people should have verses security.  Many ideas floating around lately by people in power trade a little bit of liberty for security.  With freedom there is always the possibility for people to chose immoral actions.  Fiction... Continue Reading →

Character Morality

There is an idea that if someone consumes garbage in the form of entertainment then garbage is what will come out of that person’s life.  That can certainly be true.  I’ve come across books and movies and wonder “Who would make this stuff?” or “How could this possibly be entertaining?”  The thing is that the... Continue Reading →

No Time?

One thing everyone has in common is that we are limited on time.  Some have more than others, but in the end, we are all mortal.  On top of mortality there are responsibilities in life.  We all have jobs and families, whether we have children or are the children.  Then there are the friends. As... Continue Reading →

Evil’s Perspective

The Tolkien era of Fantasy had brought us villains who were evil for the sake of evil.  Their motives were pretty much they wanted to destroy the world because they were evil and nothing more was really known about these antagonists.  That was the point, they represented the force of evil more than being individual... Continue Reading →

Pondering on Morality

This is a sensitive subject for many people.  Differences in perspectives on morality cause division, some minor, and some large.  At the heart of these perspectives is one question: is morality relative or absolute?  This is a topic that affects everything, including my works of fiction.  There are some who believe the same as I... Continue Reading →

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