Fall Reflections

Autumn is returning for another year.  It seems like every year that I get older, my favorite season comes faster and leaves even quicker, opening the door to the six-month long Minnesota winter. If you’ve been a long-time follower of mine, you’ll know that this is the one season I reflect on the most.  Autumn... Continue Reading →

The Value of Humans

Sci-fi and genetics go hand in hand.  Speculative fiction gets to explore many “what if” scenarios.  Cloning and genetic modification are staples in the genre which is an indirect way to ask the audience, “are people commodities or do they have infinite value?” Today I ask my readers to explore this question themselves and come... Continue Reading →

Musings on Characterization

Sometime ago, I heard powerful testimonies from a few people who endured several hardships.  It got me thinking about characterization in fiction.  We as reader’s demand that the characters grow and change over the course of a story.  That’s what makes characters relatable and intriguing. On the other hand, we have all known people who... Continue Reading →

Our Lives Affect More Than Ourselves

It is common to hear things like “Do whatever makes you happy!” Or “You don’t have to answer to anyone as long as——— makes you happen!” There is some truth to these statements, but they leave out an important component.  The choices we make affect other people, big and small, and no it’s not always... Continue Reading →

Characters Everywhere!

Have you read a book with so many characters you find yourself asking “who did what now?”  If you ever read the Silmarillion your head is undoubtedly bobbing right now.  The number and names of characters is a hard one to decide on as an author.  Generally, if you want your stories to be believable,... Continue Reading →

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