The Unexplained: The Southend Werewolf

In England 1952, a playful nine-year-old boy is enjoying the outdoors when suddenly an icy chill grips him despite the warm summer day.  He feels an odd sensation come over him, claiming his skin was so cold that the sweat froze.  Accompanying the frigid air was a foul vomit-inducing stench.  The boy, whose name is... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: The Hat Man

One of my first articles in this series explores the shadow people phenomenon.  I feel that it is important to reexamine shadow people, more specifically the Hat Man.  All around the world there is a shadowy figure seen by people, typically at night, wearing a fedora, long trench coat, and glowing red eyes. The Hat... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Aswang

Vampiric creatures are nothing more than legends from a time when people were superstitious and modern science didn’t exist, right?  Yet, in the Philippines, there are supposedly shape-shifting creatures that terrorize the community by feeding off their blood. The term “aswang” doesn’t refer to one entity but a wide array of them.  If there is... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Robert the Doll

There is something unnerving about dolls.  Their life-like yet fake appearance unsettles many who look upon them, making them wonder how children could play with them.  It doesn’t take much for the imagination to see them taking on a life of their own.  Supposedly, there are such objects in the world.  Some claim there are... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Men in Black

It is said that those who have seen UFOs are often visited by men dressed in black suits and fedoras.  These men supposedly threaten UFO witnesses into silence and claim to be a part of the government.  Such phenomenon served as the inspiration for the movie “Men in Black.”  However, some are adamant that this... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Werewolves

Werewolves are nothing but myths and legends passed down over the centuries and originating from our superstitious ancestors.  That’s what most people believe.  After all, it is scientifically impossible for a wolf to change into a man and vise versa. Yet, what about those who claim to have seen a beast that strongly resembles the... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Wendigo

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. It’s November and you’re sitting in a tree stand anxiously awaiting a deer to cross paths with your cross-hairs.  The day is long and cold and there is no sign of your prey.  After hours, you finally see it, deer... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: UFOs

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. You are sitting on your front porch watching the night sky when something zooms across the heavens.  You sit up and watch it more closely as it turns around, hovering in place for a few moments as it pulsates with... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Poltergeists

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. You move into a new home with your family expecting a fresh start.  The very first night you’re there, faint scratching is heard.  You cannot pinpoint the sound, but you assume it’s just rodents and go back to sleep.  A... Continue Reading →

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