Cover In-Progress

This is what I have so far for my next cover.  What do you think?  Is there something you would add/change?  Let me know! (I'm not hurt by criticism).  It is a work in-progress and not the final product.        

The Magic of Goandria

The next several blog entries will be snippets of information about a race, order, or area in the world of Goandria. In the world of Goandria, where the worlox demons have choked out the light for generations, there is only one group that can stand between the demons and the people: the wizards.  The wizards... Continue Reading →

Crystal Moon

Gerald’s life suddenly changed, leaving him moody, hungry and scared. He lives in terror due to his own wife! For reasons Gerald cannot fathom, she has become a witch bent on hexing him. While attempting to survive his wife’s curse and its side effects, he discovers a new friend and a town that feels like... Continue Reading →

How Would You React?

Your marriage is going great.  At least you think it is.  You and your husband go out on dates, share an honest relationship with each other, and do little things everyday to make the other person happy.  That is until one day your husband pulls away and starts acting strangely.  At first, he is more... Continue Reading →

Quick Reminder

"Crystal Moon" is still free for only a couple more days on Amazon.  Take a look and judge if it is something you might be interested in. Here is a the book's blurb: Gerald’s life suddenly changed, leaving him moody, hungry and scared. He lives in terror due to his own wife! For reasons Gerald... Continue Reading →

On Rain

I’ve said t before and you will hear me say it more times, a writer’s job is to pay attention to people, their surroundings, and culture.  Every minute detail around an author is important, even if it is never used in a story.  Attention to detail is a must.  One observation I’ve had is that... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Orcs

This is one of those books that kept me interested while at the same time I wondered why I kept reading it.  The titular orcs are a war band, that are virtually indistinguishable from humans, who travel across their world in search of powerful relics they wish to keep out of the evil orc queen’s... Continue Reading →

Tribalism and the effects on fiction

It’s no secret there are deep divisions in American culture, especially politically.  Maybe it’s just my perception but it appears that everything is suddenly seen through the lens of politics.  While that isn’t to be completely unexpected, after all people read things through a worldview.  However, right now there appears to be less nuance and... Continue Reading →

Hurt Pt. 2

In my last entry, I discussed victimhood and the culture growing around that.  Pain is a shared experience, it is one of the things that all humans everywhere face.  Most wish to avoid it, however more and more American culture appears to be embracing it, placing people into categories based on historical and emotional pain... Continue Reading →


I’ve said before that a big part of writing is observing the behavior of people.  This observation enables authors to be guided toward more realistic characters.  One observation that has become very apparent in recent years is hurt.  So many people appear to be defined by the past and the pain that was inflicted upon... Continue Reading →

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