The Unexplained: Zozo Demon

You and a friend decide to break out an Ouija board during a sleepover.  You’ve heard all the tales around it, but neither you or your friend believed them.  It is a board game marketed for kids after all.  You don’t believe anything will happen, and if it does it will be nothing more than... Continue Reading →

Writing and Observing

If a person is going to set out on the adventure known as writing, then he/she needs to observe the world.  It is particularly important to pay attention to cultural and societal changes. Paying attention to the news can be overwhelmingly depressing.  It will give the impression that everyone hates everyone and that no one... Continue Reading →

Broken Promises

When people find out you are a writer, there are a few different reactions.  Some might be in awe, others might think you don’t have a “real” job and others will show interest whether it is genuine or not and promise to read your book(s).  When the time comes for the folks who promised to... Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Writing

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, I wanted to become a writer since I was twelve years old.  The journey to becoming one, like any area in life, had its twists and turns, and for a while I even deviated from the course. Throughout my life I was told things like, “You cannot... Continue Reading →

Writing Amidst Other Writers

I’ve said before that there is no such thing as too many writers.  I still stand by that.  I do have a brain though and noticed that there are a lot of people who are aspiring writers.  That is the beauty of the internet, one doesn’t have to painstakingly cater to big publishers, a writer... Continue Reading →

More Blogging Less Manuscripts

Writing for me has taken a different turn.  It has moved to primarily focused on novels to solely blogging.  I haven’t given up writing novels, nor have I run out of ideas.  I simply have too many manuscripts for my editor right now.  Along with that I’m focusing on increasing my web presence by blogging... Continue Reading →

On Low Word Count Days

Writing every day is the schtick for a writer.  I mean it is all there in the name after all.  If you call yourself a writer and write two or three times a year or when you feel like it, is that label accurate?  Writing isn’t easy.  Some people can crank out two thousand words... Continue Reading →

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