Enough with the Love Triangles

Love triangles have permeated Young Adult fiction since the turn of the century.  I would argue it has gone beyond clichéd and it expected to be in Young Adult material whether we want it or not. There is no denying that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with a love triangle subplot.  It can be done... Continue Reading →

Why Does it Always Surprise us When Book Adaptions are Different?

Ever notice how book adaptions, either movies or television, differ greatly from their source?  This happens so often that if a television series or film does stick close to the book they are based on it is incredibly rare.  Most people know this, however there is almost always universal outrage when a film dares to... Continue Reading →

Do We Crave Less Freedom?

That may seem like an odd question.  Why would people crave tyranny?  No rational person would desire to have less freedom, would they?  Most people hate being told what to do deep down, even if they know it’s good for them.  The answer is in the other part of human nature, laziness. As an author,... Continue Reading →

Disappointment in Sequels

Why are sequels so often disappointing?  If we watch a film or read a book and find that the story pulls us in, we are left wanting more.  We wonder what adventures the characters may have after the end of the initial story.  Do they continue to fight evil or do their lives become mundane... Continue Reading →

Are You a “Real” Writer?

Writers may seem vain, but many of us struggle with self-doubt.  We ask ourselves “Are we really writers?” regularly.  This is particularly true of independent authors, or traditionally published authors who struggle to find their audience. Being a writer simply means writing regularly.  If you strive to be a writer and write daily, then you... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Werewolves Pt. 2

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. Last week we explored a few select cases of allegedly real werewolves.  There are reports from both the past and the present that account sightings of real wolf-like creatures who walk on two legs and have human-like qualities. All around... Continue Reading →

Here Come the Tribes! (Tribalism Pt 2)

The tribes are coming.  You may agree with one of the two tribes, you might be sympathetic toward one, and you feel the pull to join in the group-think.  You must resist!  Group-think, demagoguery, and tribalism is never good and beneficial, yet many people in America have joined a political tribe. Now, if you hold... Continue Reading →

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