Presidential Frustrations

It’s that time again in America.  A time for debates, anger, hatred, spite, and failure to listen.  A time of entitlement, squabbling and a cult-like zeal.  The presidential election is upon us.  I know, technically that doesn’t happen until the end of next year, but that doesn’t matter because things start years before the actual... Continue Reading →

No, You’re Not Perfect and that’s Okay

In a world where self-love is considered one of the greatest virtues, and self-esteem is one of the most focused on aspects of life, it can be difficult to swallow the next statement.  No, you are not perfect the way you are, and that’s okay! It has become a meme, and a popular saying for... Continue Reading →


If you live in a first world nation, you probably have a life the rest of the world would envy.  Sure, there are hardships, we lose loved ones, our jobs may not be fulfilling, and so on, but generally speaking those of us in such countries live blessed lives.  With bounty comes complacency and eventually... Continue Reading →

Writing and Observing

If a person is going to set out on the adventure known as writing, then he/she needs to observe the world.  It is particularly important to pay attention to cultural and societal changes. Paying attention to the news can be overwhelmingly depressing.  It will give the impression that everyone hates everyone and that no one... Continue Reading →

Pessimism, Optimism, or Neither?

We are told to think positively, that looking at only the negative is pessimistic and unhealthy.  Pessimism is looking at only the negative while Optimism is the opposite, looking at only the good or positive, believing only the best will happen. What if neither are good options?  Believing the worst will happen is more obviously... Continue Reading →

On Liberty

Liberty is something considered an American value.  There has been debate throughout the country’s existence on how much liberty people should have verses security.  Many ideas floating around lately by people in power trade a little bit of liberty for security.  With freedom there is always the possibility for people to chose immoral actions.  Fiction... Continue Reading →

When It’s Time to Stop Caring

I’ve written in the past about how sensitive our culture is, and every month that goes by that sensitivity appears to be increasing.  Now offending someone else is considered one of the worst things to do.  If someone publicly declares offense, there is an online gasp by thousands of people.  Now, I’m not going to... Continue Reading →

Digging Up the Past

One universal truth of humanity is that we are all guilty of doing things we aren’t proud of.  No one is an exception.  Everyone, especially during the teenage years, did stupid or even mean things.  If not to your peers than to your parents.  Does the ubiquity of these experiences justify them?  No, of course... Continue Reading →

On New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year.  With that comes a time for people to look forward to the future as well as make commitments toward a better future.  New Year’s represents hope, a fresh start, something most people want because all of us have made mistakes.  Mistakes are what make us human after all, and some mistakes... Continue Reading →


It is said that truth is something that cannot stay hidden.  Many believe that no matter how long it takes, truth eventually comes to light and reveals itself.  I may write fiction, but good fiction is driven by truths.  Truths mostly about the human spirit and condition.  This may sound cynical, but I wonder if... Continue Reading →

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