More Emotional than Rational

In our era of skepticism, cold, unadulterated rationality is often valued.  Science has lifted the curtain on certain superstitions and wives’ tales.  Most people in the modern western world strive to be rational, and scientific. We don’t want to be like our ancestors that believed diseases were cause by curses.  Most of the time we... Continue Reading →

Do We Crave Less Freedom?

That may seem like an odd question.  Why would people crave tyranny?  No rational person would desire to have less freedom, would they?  Most people hate being told what to do deep down, even if they know it’s good for them.  The answer is in the other part of human nature, laziness. As an author,... Continue Reading →

You’re So Old!

There seems to be this odd idea in the West that once a person is no longer a kid, he/she is “old.”  I’ve come across a fair share of blogs, articles, and social media posts where people in their early twenties are claiming to be old.  Unless you’re a dog, 25 isn’t old.  If you... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Write!

Do you always feel like writing?  I would guess the answer is the same to the question, “do you always want to eat chocolate?”  There are probably moments where writing is less attractive than others.  Nothing we love doing is appealing 100% of the time. Some writers have more attraction to the art than others,... Continue Reading →

I Hope Everyone Had a Happy 4th!

I hope my fellow Americans were able to recognize and appreciate the liberties we share yesterday.  We live in a time of revisionist history and all historical figures are controversial, and there is a deep political divide in the country.  However, I hope we can all take a moment to be grateful nonetheless. The founding... Continue Reading →

Twitter and Morals

In recent years there appears to be a great fear of angering the giant known as Twitter.  This giant can either be your greatest ally or a destructive force in your live by sending total strangers after you.  Have you blogged about something that might be controversial?  Is there a popular news story?  Twitter will... Continue Reading →

Toxic People

Relationships interest me and are obviously a source for writing. One of the marks of growing up is realizing we don’t have to continue to have toxic people in our lives.  When we are in school and college, we have to deal with these types of people daily due to being shoved in a classroom... Continue Reading →

On Validation

My gut tells me that most people when asked if they need validation from strangers would answer “no.”  There appears to be a push though to get acceptance from everyone.  Disagreeing equals hating a person.  Telling a friend that he/she is probably in a toxic relationship equates “not supporting” your friend.  Why do we care... Continue Reading →

Can Ideas Be Owned?

Ideas are powerful and one of the truly immortal things in existence.  Old ideas can be rediscovered and held, even after their original carriers are long dead.  In modern times possession of ideas in the form of copywrite now exists.  Not only that, ideas are claimed to be owned by various belief systems and political... Continue Reading →

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