Striving for Emotional Intelligence

Knowing what you know is one thing, being able to communicate it is another.  From my limited and anecdotal perspective, it seems that there is a lack of emotional intelligence.  There is a prevailing mentality of “Phh, you don’t think like me? You’re an idiot!” Here’s the thing, you can know a great deal, but... Continue Reading →

What do you Believe?

What do you believe?  Why do you hold those beliefs?  These are not questions for me but for yourself.  As much as we would like to think we have rational and logical reasons for our worldviews, the truth is many times emotion plays a big role as well.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but... Continue Reading →

Presidential Frustrations

It’s that time again in America.  A time for debates, anger, hatred, spite, and failure to listen.  A time of entitlement, squabbling and a cult-like zeal.  The presidential election is upon us.  I know, technically that doesn’t happen until the end of next year, but that doesn’t matter because things start years before the actual... Continue Reading →

Here Come the Tribes! (Tribalism Pt 2)

The tribes are coming.  You may agree with one of the two tribes, you might be sympathetic toward one, and you feel the pull to join in the group-think.  You must resist!  Group-think, demagoguery, and tribalism is never good and beneficial, yet many people in America have joined a political tribe. Now, if you hold... Continue Reading →

Political Fiction

I’m going to keep this pretty short, but it is a topic that is worthy of multiple books.  I ask my readers; do you believe politics should be in books? Sure, politics cannot be completely avoided, since the term politics covers a plethora of ideas and ideals.  Saying slavery is wrong for example is technically... Continue Reading →

I Hope Everyone Had a Happy 4th!

I hope my fellow Americans were able to recognize and appreciate the liberties we share yesterday.  We live in a time of revisionist history and all historical figures are controversial, and there is a deep political divide in the country.  However, I hope we can all take a moment to be grateful nonetheless. The founding... Continue Reading →

Ideas: The Sequel

I think it’s worth revisiting the topic of ideas.  There are several out there floating around that are purely emotional and not logical once any time is spent thinking about them.  Yet, there are many who passionately adhere to them.  I find that fascinating.  To me it proves that humans aren’t always rational.  We often... Continue Reading →

Not Equipped for Truth?

I have written a few blogs on the anger, division, and susceptibility we have as a culture to being offended.  Recently I had a thought that some people are not equipped to understand or know truth.  Am I saying not everyone is smart enough to get to the truth?  No.  I think it is highly... Continue Reading →

Personal Beliefs in Writing

How much of our beliefs should we put in the books we write?  Like most things when it comes to creative writing it depends largely on the intent.  Sometimes being rather blunt with a message is effective.  However, subtlety is largely more effective.  People don’t like to be beaten over the head with ideology, even... Continue Reading →

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