Mysteries and the Unexplained

Have you ever wondered if we don’t have as much figured out as we thought?  Humanity tends to crave mystery while at the same time being very arrogant in its positions.  If there are any doubts about the tinted glasses people see the world through, just spend a few minutes on social media. In the... Continue Reading →


In America we are blessed.  We have a constitution that protects us and our rights.  We live in a place with bountiful clean water and food to eat.  Yes, there are poor folks, my wife and I were a part of that category for several years.  America isn’t perfect, no place ever will be, but... Continue Reading →

Can Ideas Be Owned?

Ideas are powerful and one of the truly immortal things in existence.  Old ideas can be rediscovered and held, even after their original carriers are long dead.  In modern times possession of ideas in the form of copywrite now exists.  Not only that, ideas are claimed to be owned by various belief systems and political... Continue Reading →

Pondering on Morality

This is a sensitive subject for many people.  Differences in perspectives on morality cause division, some minor, and some large.  At the heart of these perspectives is one question: is morality relative or absolute?  This is a topic that affects everything, including my works of fiction.  There are some who believe the same as I... Continue Reading →

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