Broken Promises

When people find out you are a writer, there are a few different reactions.  Some might be in awe, others might think you don’t have a “real” job and others will show interest whether it is genuine or not and promise to read your book(s).  When the time comes for the folks who promised to... Continue Reading →

What do You Read and Why?

One of humanity’s strengths is that we have a broad spectrum of tastes.  It should be clear what I like since I write in the genres that interest me.  I want to hear from you, hear what you like to read and why.  Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction?  Do you read multiple genres or... Continue Reading →

When It’s Time to Stop Caring

I’ve written in the past about how sensitive our culture is, and every month that goes by that sensitivity appears to be increasing.  Now offending someone else is considered one of the worst things to do.  If someone publicly declares offense, there is an online gasp by thousands of people.  Now, I’m not going to... Continue Reading →

Characters Everywhere!

Have you read a book with so many characters you find yourself asking “who did what now?”  If you ever read the Silmarillion your head is undoubtedly bobbing right now.  The number and names of characters is a hard one to decide on as an author.  Generally, if you want your stories to be believable,... Continue Reading →

Will the Forest be Tamed?

It is the late eighteenth century.  You live in a secluded town near a forest with an unsavory reputation.  To add to the dark nature of the forest, there have been rumors of cult activity.  At least it starts as rumors, but then people you know are disappearing or worse.  Before you know it, terrible... Continue Reading →

A Peek into Goandria

The realm of Goandria is the setting for my fantasy series.  I approached these books with a desire to have different races and species than the typical elves and dwarves.  While I love Tolkien's work, and all Fantasy writers can thank him for laying the foundation of their work, his works have been replicated ad... Continue Reading →

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