The Thing About Assumptions…

We are all guilty of it.  Most of the time we are unaware of the snap judgements we make about people and our settings.  While judgement has an often-negative connotation, most judgements are benign such as which clothes we wear, and the best way to start our day.  Others however, are more impactful and can... Continue Reading →

Enough with the Love Triangles

Love triangles have permeated Young Adult fiction since the turn of the century.  I would argue it has gone beyond clichéd and it expected to be in Young Adult material whether we want it or not. There is no denying that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with a love triangle subplot.  It can be done... Continue Reading →

Quality Friendships

Admittedly, it took me way too long to realize what a good friend is.  Growing up I feared being alone and friendless, and longed to have that close friend that was often portrayed on TV back in the 90s.  In school I had two close friends, but one was bully disguised as a friend.  He... Continue Reading →

Romantic Love isn’t the Only Rare Love

It is often said that true love is rare.  Many people find romantic love, but making it last is difficult, especially to one person for the rest of our lives.  In a culture where changing relationships is common practice, this is especially true.  However, I hardly see posts, songs, or television shows about other types... Continue Reading →

Partitioning Love

Love is something everyone would agree is good and the world needs more of it.  I don’t think any sane person has said there is too much love in the world, this reaches across cultural, religious, and political boundaries.  In recent months I’ve come across commentators saying that people love their pets too much, these... Continue Reading →

Wishing People Were Different

Do you ever find yourself wishing those in your life, the people you love to be different somehow?  Heck, it doesn’t have to be just people but our pets too.  Discontentment seems to be the way of humanity.  How often do we wish for our children to be just a little bit different, or our... Continue Reading →

Toxic People

Relationships interest me and are obviously a source for writing. One of the marks of growing up is realizing we don’t have to continue to have toxic people in our lives.  When we are in school and college, we have to deal with these types of people daily due to being shoved in a classroom... Continue Reading →

On Forgiveness

This is a topic often discussed in reality and a plot point in fiction.  With its ubiquity one would think that it would be an Understood topic.  Not only understood but accepted.  Who doesn’t know about the healing benefits of forgiveness?  How often though do we see blogs, social media posts, or articles about not... Continue Reading →

No Time?

One thing everyone has in common is that we are limited on time.  Some have more than others, but in the end, we are all mortal.  On top of mortality there are responsibilities in life.  We all have jobs and families, whether we have children or are the children.  Then there are the friends. As... Continue Reading →

Love in Fiction

Love is the most essential component to the human condition.  We all need it to grow and live.  Without love we would die.  It’s that simple.  We are meant to love, that’s one of the defining characteristics of humanity.  However, humanity is flawed, and we have both longed for love and struggled with it.  Romantic... Continue Reading →

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