What do you Believe?

What do you believe?  Why do you hold those beliefs?  These are not questions for me but for yourself.  As much as we would like to think we have rational and logical reasons for our worldviews, the truth is many times emotion plays a big role as well.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but... Continue Reading →

Not Equipped for Truth?

I have written a few blogs on the anger, division, and susceptibility we have as a culture to being offended.  Recently I had a thought that some people are not equipped to understand or know truth.  Am I saying not everyone is smart enough to get to the truth?  No.  I think it is highly... Continue Reading →

Personal Beliefs in Writing

How much of our beliefs should we put in the books we write?  Like most things when it comes to creative writing it depends largely on the intent.  Sometimes being rather blunt with a message is effective.  However, subtlety is largely more effective.  People don’t like to be beaten over the head with ideology, even... Continue Reading →

Bumper Stickers and Memes

We’ve all seen it.  A vehicle going down the road with its back end plastered full of political bumper stickers.  Along a similar vein is when someone posts political memes habitually on his/her social media page.  Now I would doubt something like this would change someone’s mind.  At best it might make the vehicle owner... Continue Reading →

Don’t Just Know What YOU Believe

Knowing what we believe and why is essential.  Our worldviews are the lenses through which we see everything.  Some people don’t even fully understand what they believe, but many more do not understand the root behind other belief systems.  Typically, ignorance is the universal explanation, but that is something that may be true for some... Continue Reading →

Religion in Fantasy

Religion in Fantasy is rarely portrayed in a positive light.  In my review of “Orcs” I referred to the author’s caricature of faith.  In modern Fantasy this is generally the norm and not the exception.  Many authors in this genre, especially ones, are staunch Atheists.  Disclaimer: I know that not all Atheists view religion in... Continue Reading →

Extreme Cynicism

If you know anything about me or have read this blog for a while you would know that I try to take a logical but open-minded approach to things.  Am I perfect at this?  Certainly not.  It is something I strive for.  Believing everything or not believing in anything are easy positions to take and... Continue Reading →

Ah! Keep Your Different Beliefs Away!

Is it possible to separate what you do from your beliefs?  This is something that is often asked of people, but appears to be rarely put into practice.  Certainly, a person can elect not to be obnoxious with his religion or politics on platforms such as social media.  However, that isn’t what I’m addressing.  Political... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Bias

All humans have bias.  This is a basic fact of life.  We see life through our worldviews, beliefs, and experiences.  No one is exempt from this.  Bias is often referred to negatively.  Humans are guilty of cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias in order to reaffirm our beliefs.  The result can be an echo chamber.  Worse,... Continue Reading →

There is No Proof!

As a fiction writer I’m familiar with legends and myths.  My occupation requires that I spend considerable time in the make-believe.  Fiction is a way to teach and learn truths without beating people over the head with them.  It softens the experience, and in spite of it not being real, it is incredibly relatable.  Sometimes... Continue Reading →

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