The Perils of Writing

Writing isn’t an easy path to choose in life.  I’ve spoken of this before, but I wish to focus on the fact that expectations need to be reined in when you are starting out.  Failure will happen, more than you will likely anticipate.  Yet, failure is one of the best teachers and it is something... Continue Reading →

Is Self-Publishing the Future?

I touched on this a little in my earlier post about whether traditional publishers are still relevant.  Just like in the world of video games and film, the big publishers still hold a lot of power despite a large influx of independent sources. Despite being an indie author, I do appreciate the traditional route.  It... Continue Reading →

5 Things Not to Do After You Wrote A book

1. Don’t over promote it on social media. Getting yourself known on the internet is important, whether it is through blogging, Twitter, or Facebook.  However, a little bit of self-promoting goes a long way, especially on Facebook and Twitter.  Promoting every week or two is a good thing.  It reminds readers that you have books... Continue Reading →

Is Traditional Publishing Relevant?

I’ve discussed both traditional and independent publishing in the past.  While I see both as viable options with heavy pros and cons, neither is really surprise to the other in my opinion.  With the sheer difficulty, for good or ill, to land an publishing contract through the top 5, I’ve wondered how relevant it is... Continue Reading →

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