Harry Potter isn’t a Problem

Is Harry Potter the problem?  Recently there has been an upsurge in the Christian community over Harry Potter when a Catholic school banned the books.  I am a Christian and so I’ve become familiar with my faith’s condemnation of not just Harry Potter but the fantasy genre as a whole. Yes, I’m familiar with the... Continue Reading →

Why I Write Fantasy

This is something I alluded to in past blog posts, but not a topic I delved very far into.  Of all the genres to choose from, why fantasy?  I happen to enjoy several different genres, especially speculative fiction, but for me, Fantasy is special. I love the world-building involved in fantasy and writing Goandria causes... Continue Reading →

A Peek into Goandria

The realm of Goandria is the setting for my fantasy series.  I approached these books with a desire to have different races and species than the typical elves and dwarves.  While I love Tolkien's work, and all Fantasy writers can thank him for laying the foundation of their work, his works have been replicated ad... Continue Reading →

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