The Unexplained: The Hat Man

One of my first articles in this series explores the shadow people phenomenon.  I feel that it is important to reexamine shadow people, more specifically the Hat Man.  All around the world there is a shadowy figure seen by people, typically at night, wearing a fedora, long trench coat, and glowing red eyes. The Hat... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Shadow People

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. You are alone at night watching TV when suddenly something darts out of the corner of your eye.  You pass it off as nothing, but the phenomenon continues to happen with alarming regularity.  One night you are lying in bed... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Fire

They say a lot of things about this place. Things only the irrational and superstitious would believe. It is a forest, and forests often conjure fear in the uneducated, or so I thought. It is easy to dismiss other people’s experiences with the unknown when you haven't seen what they have. Until now, I never... Continue Reading →

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