Are You a “Real” Writer?

Writers may seem vain, but many of us struggle with self-doubt.  We ask ourselves “Are we really writers?” regularly.  This is particularly true of independent authors, or traditionally published authors who struggle to find their audience. Being a writer simply means writing regularly.  If you strive to be a writer and write daily, then you... Continue Reading →

5 Things to do When You Feel Like Your Writing Sucks

If you are like me, then you are your own harshest critic.  Noting you write is ever “good enough.”  You May receive compliments, but all you see are the flaws in what you produced.  Being introspective is a good quality for a writer, but some times we go too far and feel like we should... Continue Reading →

Playing it Safe with Fiction

Something I’ve struggled with is how far to go with scenes in my writing.  My fantasy novels focus on a war, and by default that means violence.  I prefer a classical approach to violence or any sensitive matter, which is to imply and allow the reader’s imagination to fill in the blank. It appears to... Continue Reading →

In-Depth Look at Goandria

*This is a repost from 2014. If you enjoy the content of this blog, please consider supporting me and buying one of my books on Amazon. Goandria: The Schism is my novel comprised of three short stories.  Why did I start with a series of short stories instead of a full-length novel?  Why did I... Continue Reading →

Love in Fiction

Love is the most essential component to the human condition.  We all need it to grow and live.  Without love we would die.  It’s that simple.  We are meant to love, that’s one of the defining characteristics of humanity.  However, humanity is flawed, and we have both longed for love and struggled with it.  Romantic... Continue Reading →

What do you think?

My first book is split up into three separate short stories.  I figured it was more likely that people would commit to short stories from an unknown author more easily than a full novel.  The paperback of Goandria: The Schism includes all three parts and I have considered doing the same in ebook form.  Would... Continue Reading →

Check out Goandria!

I have blogged about the Goandria series on here, and that is the point to give potential readers a glimpse into what my writings are all about.  However, for anyone who is interested in checking it out for themselves, you can read Goandria: The Schism Part I for free.  If you like it, please leave... Continue Reading →

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