Where Have I Been?

For my followers, both old and new, it may seem like I have abandoned this blog.  To be honest I have toyed with that idea.  A part of me has grown weary of the blogging sphere.  Posts are often inundated with fake “likes” and “follows by people in a thinly veiled attempt to drive me... Continue Reading →

A Time and a Place to Judge

No one wants to be judged.  There are few absolute statements that are true, and that is one of them.  It is our nature to want to be seen and heard as people, not viewed through the lens of our mistakes or differences.  We all know mistakes and bad things are a part of the... Continue Reading →

No Fear While Writing

Should we be afraid to write what we want?  When posed this question, I would imagine most authors would say a resounding “No!” Authors tend to hate censorship and believe the publish should decide with their wallets/purses what is or isn’t good instead of a governing body.  What if instead the governing body is a... Continue Reading →

Annoyingly Argumentative

Being an observational person, it didn’t take long for me to see hat many folks speak with great authority on matters they know nothing (or very little) about.  In the age when virtually all of human knowledge is a few seconds away, I believe many of us have grown arrogant.  It is an easy trap... Continue Reading →

Living in Lonely World

According to some, we live in a well-connected world while being lonelier than ever. Now I obviously haven’t conducted a scientific study to verify such a claim.  All I have are my observations, and from what I’ve seen loneliness seems to be prevalent. The internet is wonderful.  It opened new forms of communication, new ways... Continue Reading →

Repulsive Blogging

If we are going to write, it needs to be relevant to someone other than ourselves.  Sure, we can spew our thoughts on our blogs like it’s Twitter, but will anyone care?  People have short attention spans online.  Using our platform to complain or talk about what angers us isn’t productive. I’ve come across more... Continue Reading →

Free From Social Media

Last October I left Facebook and my Twitter account is now managed by by wife save for the occasional tweet.  Twitter I’m almost non-existent on and Facebook I left entirely, and I can say I’m happier without them. Both platforms are time-sinks and it can easily become a habit to unlock your phone and open... Continue Reading →

Authors and Twitter Followers

For writers a social media presence is necessary.  Whether you manage it yourself or outsource it, the fact is in the modern era we need to be on social media to some extent. When you are an author starting a Twitter account, you may find your following increase rapidly despite not tweeting often.  Heck, you... Continue Reading →

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