Do You Need Approval?

Writing isn’t something that everyone understands.  From the outside looking in it appears easy and low-key.  If you are a writer, you know that it is challenging work.  Writing a book includes research, time writing the thing, multiple revisions, and stressing over single words or phrases in order to get them just right. Outside of... Continue Reading →

Disappointment in Sequels

Why are sequels so often disappointing?  If we watch a film or read a book and find that the story pulls us in, we are left wanting more.  We wonder what adventures the characters may have after the end of the initial story.  Do they continue to fight evil or do their lives become mundane... Continue Reading →

Are Clichés Always Bad?

The first topics I started blogging about were clichés.  As a young and idealistic writer, I saw them as bad things that should be avoided at all cost.  Now with a couple years of age and experience under my belt I don’t approach the topic as black and white anymore.  I still stand by the... Continue Reading →

That’s Just a Myth!

We are all familiar with myths of old.  There is the rich Greek, Roman, and Norse mythologies that still inspire stories today.  There are lesser-known myths from Babylon, Assyria.  Then there are the tales and legends from Japan which influence video games.  There is folklore of werewolves, vampires, and zombies, monsters that have become especially... Continue Reading →

Villains Meeting Their Fates

What makes a satisfying end to a Villain’s story?  Is redemption the most meaningful?  How about an epic showdown between the villain and protagonist?  Are climactic showdowns preferred? Good villains make the audience love to hate them and revel in their demise.  Sometimes that’s not what happens.  Sometimes the author is led to end the... Continue Reading →

Why is Change Difficult?

In fiction we expect characters to grow and change (i.e. dynamic characters) but for many people once we become adults, we become set in our ways.  There may be habits or behaviors we know are bad and we feel remorseful, but still the behaviors linger. If this looks like a familiar topic, that’s because I’ve... Continue Reading →

Television Cancellations

I appreciate all forms of storytelling.  Television has become one of the main ways people become enveloped in a story line.  However, like books, TV shows eventually come to an end.  For clarity, I’m referencing shows with a central plot that are narrative dramas, not reality shows or soap operas.  When the end comes, do... Continue Reading →

What Characters Do You Find Relatable?

Today things are going to be a bit different.  I would like to ask my readers what sort of characters they find most relatable.  What qualities in a character make you root for him/her?  Is it their flaws?  Is it whether they look like you?  Essentially, I want to know what types of characters have... Continue Reading →

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