On Drama

Drama.  It’s something everyone who went to public High School is familiar with.  It isn’t a fond memory for people, but it certainly is a relatable topic.  Perhaps this is why High School-esque drama is often prevalent in young adult books and television.  Drama is compelling (even if we don’t want to admit it) and... Continue Reading →

Villains Meeting Their Fates

What makes a satisfying end to a Villain’s story?  Is redemption the most meaningful?  How about an epic showdown between the villain and protagonist?  Are climactic showdowns preferred? Good villains make the audience love to hate them and revel in their demise.  Sometimes that’s not what happens.  Sometimes the author is led to end the... Continue Reading →

Meaningful Entertainment

When many people think of the word “entertainment” they wouldn’t associate it with depth.  It is something fun in which people turn their brains off for a while.  Some things certainly fill that role, but a story isn’t just about being fun and mindless, it should be ultimately about teaching using the subtleties of fiction. ... Continue Reading →

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