Changes are Coming!

For the month of October I've decided to redirect my writing focus to other projects, instead of this blog.  I will still continue "The Unexplained" series weekly.  However, things like social commentary, thoughts on writing and life will be on hiatus.  Since "The Unexplained" fits so well into this month and it's my favorite blogs... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: The Hat Man

One of my first articles in this series explores the shadow people phenomenon.  I feel that it is important to reexamine shadow people, more specifically the Hat Man.  All around the world there is a shadowy figure seen by people, typically at night, wearing a fedora, long trench coat, and glowing red eyes. The Hat... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Aswang

Vampiric creatures are nothing more than legends from a time when people were superstitious and modern science didn’t exist, right?  Yet, in the Philippines, there are supposedly shape-shifting creatures that terrorize the community by feeding off their blood. The term “aswang” doesn’t refer to one entity but a wide array of them.  If there is... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Robert the Doll

There is something unnerving about dolls.  Their life-like yet fake appearance unsettles many who look upon them, making them wonder how children could play with them.  It doesn’t take much for the imagination to see them taking on a life of their own.  Supposedly, there are such objects in the world.  Some claim there are... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Myths Becoming Reality

Urban legends, myths, campfire stories, these are things that persisted as long as humanity existed.  With our large brains comes an impressive imagination.  Humans have the unique ability to scare ourselves into thinking something we wouldn’t normally believe in exists.  Is that the explanation?  What of the so many things that we “know” are fake... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Men in Black

It is said that those who have seen UFOs are often visited by men dressed in black suits and fedoras.  These men supposedly threaten UFO witnesses into silence and claim to be a part of the government.  Such phenomenon served as the inspiration for the movie “Men in Black.”  However, some are adamant that this... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Paranormal Experts?

This is going to be a slightly different post than normal for this series.  Typically, I explore unexplained supernatural or paranormal events and creatures, this week I want to focus on those who claim to be experts in this field. The paranormal or supernatural are areas steeped in mystery, especially since many people don’t believe... Continue Reading →

The Unexplained: Werewolves Pt. 2

*The Unexplained is a weekly series documenting strange and unusual phenomenon that inspire my writing. Last week we explored a few select cases of allegedly real werewolves.  There are reports from both the past and the present that account sightings of real wolf-like creatures who walk on two legs and have human-like qualities. All around... Continue Reading →

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