Literally Overusing “Literally” (and Other Words)

Literally is like literally used too much.  It is a common staple in the modern English-speaking world.  We insert it in unnecessary places at an alarming rate.  As I noticed this in myself, I tried to pull back from it, because I found the more, I used it the less meaning it had.  This is... Continue Reading →

Can Anyone Else Relate?

This is how I feel when people fluent in English constantly use "to" when the context requires the word "too."  It's almost like people forgot the word "too" exists.

Social Justice Bullies

Social pandering has gone over and beyond ridiculous.  We must be careful what we say and to whom, and even the most benign thing shared can cause outrage.  Why is that?  Words are hurtful, there is no doubt about that, but why must we walk on the proverbial eggshells anymore? Bullies exist, they always have... Continue Reading →

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